What is biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a treatment technique in which people are trained to improve their health by using signals from their own bodies. It trains people to improve their health by controlling certain body processes that normally happen involuntarily, such as heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension and skin temperature.
It has been proven by various studies to treat more than a dozen health conditions.
A report published in Mental Health in family medicine defines Biofeedback as a mind body technique in which individuals learn how to modify their physiology for the purpose of improving physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

How does biofeedback work?

During a session you will be wearing wrist and ankle bracelets along with a head harness.
These sensors comfortably read the electrical impulses from your body and send information to the computer which acts as a monitoring device. The biofeedback practitioner educates patients as to what specific areas of the body or mind are in most need of stress reduction and re-education based on the information translated from the biofeedback device to the computer screen.
These data findings allow you to better understand their reactions to stress and learn how to better control their physiological responses.
Although biofeedback is a completely non invasive and gentle, this powerful stress management support system allows relaxation and increases the ability to heal.
The body is designed to heal itself. The process of Biofeedback is not to heal but to help the body remember the balanced and stress free state.

Biofeedback is used effectively to treat a number of health problems like-

  1. Chronic pain
  2. Muscle tension or spasm
  3. Urinary in continence
  4. High BP/Low BP
  5. Tension or Migraine headache ,Insomnia and Digestive disorders
  6. Anxiety
  7. Depression
  8. Eating disorders
  9. ADHD
  10. Autism spectrum disorders
  11. Epilepsy
  12. Any condition that is made worse by stress