Frequently Asked Questions – Homeopathy

Can I take chemical medications while being treated with homeopathy?

Yes, chemical medications can be continued if necessary. As your health improves, you will no longer need to take symptom management medications.

Why do different homeopathic remedies look the same?

Because homeopathic remedies are prepared by serially diluting various medicinal substances in liquid form. For convenience of handling and dispensing, this liquid is dropped and absorbed by tiny sugar pills. So they all look alike, but they are not.

How can a single homeopathic remedy cure a variety of ailments?

With classical homeopathy, a single suitable remedy is given to a person with an aim of improving the person’s overall health. This remedy stimulates the body’s natural healing ability it makes it possible to achieve relief, restoration and healing of physical, emotional and mental imbalances.

Do homeopathic remedies have side-effects?

Since homeopathic remedies do not contain any chemicals, they do not have the usual side effects as with chemical medications. However, if a wrong remedy is taken over a period of time, it would start producing the same symptoms in a person that it is used to treat. This phenomenon is called a proving of a remedy. On discontinuation of the wrong remedy, these artificially produced symptoms subside in a few days to weeks.

Is it possible to treat chronic illnesses with homeopathy?

Yes, it is. In fact most people turn to homeopathy seeking treatment of chronic illnesses since they do not feel better with symptom relief chemical medications besides experiencing distressing side effects.

Is homeopathy slow in action?

Not at all. In many cases it works faster than it takes a chemical pill to even reach the blood stream. Besides, the aim of treatment using homeopathy is to address the root cause of the illness as opposed to a temporary relief of symptoms. This takes longer time to achieve and hence the speed of action cannot be compared.

For how long does one need to take homeopathic treatment?

Duration of treatment depends on the nature, severity and chronicity of the illness in addition to the age, lifestyle and life situation of the person being treated. There are three phases of treatment.
Phase 1: Active Treatment. This involves addressing the newest and most distressing symptoms that are affecting normal functioning of a person.
Phase 2: Health Enhancement. Treatment is focused on enhancing the general health of a person making them less likely to suffer from similar illness again.
Phase 3: Health Maintenance. This phase involves a general monitoring of the person’s physical, emotional and mental state. Treatment is only given if there is an indication of a health disturbance.

Will my illness come back after completing homeopathic treatment?

Illnesses can come back depending on what a person goes through in life. Strong stress factors like emotional distress, lack of rest, poor nutrition, prolonged use of medications etc. can potentially cause a relapse of the illness. Link to take the person to the previous question

Can all types of illnesses be treated with homeopathy?

Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body to heal itself. So whatever the body is able to heal can be treated with homeopathy. Changes in the body that are irreversible cannot be treated.

What are the food restrictions during homeopathic treatment?

Food restrictions recommended during homeopathic treatment are based on an individual’s diseases and health condition. Foods that trigger or contribute to a person’s disease would surely be restricted. There are no general food restrictions related to homeopathic treatment.

Is it safe to take homeopathic treatment during pregnancy?

Yes it is. Since homeopathic remedies do not contain any chemicals and do not cause any side effects (Please refer to the FAQ on side effects, insert link). In fact, pregnancy is usually the time when women seek alternative treatments since most chemical medications cannot be taken due to their side effects. Homeopathy offers excellent results with common symptoms experienced during pregnancy like nausea, acidity, back pain, tiredness etc., in addition to facilitating natural child birth.

Is homeopathic treatment safe for children?

Yes it is. Since homeopathic remedies do not contain any chemicals and do not cause any side effects, children of all ages can be safely treated.

Is homeopathic treatment covered by insurance? (Applicable to United Arab Emirates)

Yes. Most insurance providers reimburse for homeopathic treatment depending on an individual’s insurance plan.

Can homeopathy help treat psychological conditions?

Yes. In fact homeopathic treatment always involves a detailed psychological assessment of a person to identify stress related and emotional factors influencing their health. The treatment is holistic and progress is measured taking into account improvements on physical, emotional and mental conditions.

Is homeopathy only a placebo effect?

Surely not. Although it is true that all the healing and improvement observed using homeopathic remedies is achieved by the body itself which is also the case with placebo effect. Hence, it is easy to jump to the conclusion that homeopathy is only a placebo effect. But since it is common practice to treat infants, animals and even people who are not aware of taking the treatment, it cannot be just that.