First Time Patient

Online consultations are available for those who do not live in the UAE or are unable to visit the clinic. Consultation is done via Skype/telephone or email.

Treatment starts with the ‘first’ consultation lasting about 45 minutes. This is a process where your doctor understands your current and past symptoms starting with your medical history, your family medical history, all test reports related to the diagnosis, description of your personality type and your body type. An online questionnaire would aid in eliciting the required information. After the ‘first’ consultation, a treatment plan is decided. Depending on the country of your residence, you would be given a prescription to be purchased locally, ordered online or shipped from the UAE.
Treatment continues with follow up consultations, lasting between five to fifteen minutes that are scheduled once every two to six weeks depending on the individual case and prescriptions are adjusted according to changes observed.

Steps to make an appointment for the first consultation:

  1. Register by providing the required information for yourself or on behalf of a dependent/minor. You will be prompted to choose a username and password. (If you would like to pay for a relative or a friend as a gift, please choose “Gift of Health”. A link to continue the appointment process would be sent to their email id and they would need to complete the remaining steps).
  2. Login using your username and password.
  3. You would then be directed to a payment page. The consultation fees for all new cases are USD 345.00 (or AED 1250.00) for a 45 minute session. If remedies need to be shipped, extra cost and shipping charges would apply depending on the country of residence.
    Note: It is not possible to ship remedies to certain countries due to local laws and regulations. In such cases, you would need to arrange a pickup of your prescribed remedies from Dubai.
  4. After successful payment, you will be redirected to an online questionnaire which needs to be completed. You are strongly advised to not rush when filling out the questionnaire. You should pay close attention to all questions as this decides the outcome of your treatment. You can save a partially filled questionnaire and return to finish it if you need time to observe your symptoms.
    Tip: It takes significantly longer time to have a ‘first’ consultation if the questionnaire is not filled out completely. Extra charges would apply if consultation exceeds the allotted 45 minutes. If the case needs additional time, USD 85.00 (or AED 300.00) will be charged for each additional 15 minutes. (83 percent of cases need less than 45 minutes to complete the first consultation.) If additional time is not available on that day, or if all necessary reports and information is not available, you will be assigned a second appointment on another day to complete the consultation.
  5. After submission of a completed questionnaire, you will be allocated an online consultation time slot. All fees paid to secure an appointment are non-refundable in case of a no-show or a delay in connecting online, unless the clinic is informed of a change in appointment time 24 hours in advance.
  6. A Skype or a telephonic consultation takes place on the appointed day.
  7. Remedies are prescribed or shipped depending on the country of residence.
  8. For follow up appointments, you are encouraged to keep detailed notes of all changes observed with your health/symptoms to be discussed on your follow up appointment date.
  9. A follow up consultation date is allotted and you would need to secure it by paying a follow up consultation fee which is USD 105.00 per patient, for five to fifteen minutes.
  10. Depending on your progress with the treatment, your prescription would be adjusted. This process continues until a satisfactory level of health is achieved and treatment is no longer needed. Duration of treatment varies depending on the health condition being treated

Follow Up Consultation

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