My son needed help with his native language (German). We visited Annett and she was very helpful and caring. In a playful way she taught him pronouncing sounds and letters the right way. My son looked forward to every session and was very comfortable around her. His speech improved within a few months, with her effective ways.Thank you for everything!
My experience with Dr Javed is just awesome!! He fixed many issues that I was suffering from, I wasn’t believing much in homeopathy, however his treatment is miraculous and the issues that I was complaining about, are gone, I highly recommend him and specially for those who hate taking pills, Dr javed is your solution. Thanks for him !
Louis Berra
Thanks to Annett Terlinden, who professionally identified and helped our daughter solve her rhotacism.
Ghaith Abuiyada
One of the best doctors in Dubai helped me and my kids build their immunity and resolve my daughter asthma issues.
Fatima Al Mari
The massage Therapist Chandrika is exceptional.She does the massage with her healing touch and makes sure that her client benefits from it Always. For me she would cover all the chakra’s to help me feel relaxed and rejuvenated.Massage by her is highly recommended.
Jean Pael
My 6 year old daughter recently completed a speech therapy treatment with Annett Terlinden. In only a few sessions Annett was able to correct my daughter’s pronunciation issues. My daughter did not feel like going go a treatment, but was always looking forward to it.Thanks a lot.
Franziska Scholz