Your First Visit

Helpful Details:

Thank you for choosing Dubai Homeopathy Health Centre.

Please bring a valid identification document for registration:

  • Emirates ID for UAE residents
  • Driving license or passport for non UAE residents

Getting the most out of your visit/session:

It is common for those new to holistic treatment to feel both eager to begin, and uncertain about the process. We encourage you to discuss your concerns and learn more about natural healing to get the most out of the treatment process.

We assure you of confidentiality, respect, and sensitivity regarding all communication and interaction between us.

What to bring to your first appointment

  • Where possible, please bring all medical reports, previous assessments and prescription for medications to be reviewed with your physician/ therapist.
  • Adults are encouraged to bring their spouse, partner or even friends with them as it is helpful towards a better understanding of your concerns and life situation.
  • In case of children, it is preferable that both parents attend the first appointment since it provides a clear understanding of the family dynamic and background of the child.



The first appointment takes approximately 45 minutes. We kindly request that you arrive 15 minutes prior to the appointment time to complete the registration process.


If you are unable to make it to your appointment, please inform the center at least 24-hours prior to your appointment time by calling +971(4) 3953333 or send a WhatsApp message on our center mobile +971 55 5536566.

No Show/ Cancellation Policy (separate document will be shared to be inserted) hyperlink


Our services fall under the category of alternative medicine. We recommend that you call your insurance provider to check if it is included in your policy.  If included, your physician/ therapist would provide you with an insurance claim form at the end of your visit. You can submit the claim form for reimbursement of the paid fees from your insurance provider.

We are happy to assist you with any questions that you might have. Please feel free to call our center on +971(4) 3953333 or send a WhatsApp message on our center mobile +971 55 5536566.